Welcome and God Bless You!

I have been teaching Sikaran for 47 years, am a 7 time Martial Arts Hall of Fame recipient, the founder of Global Sikaran Federation and a Grand Master of Sikaran with a Doctorate of Martial Arts given to me by the University of Asian Martial Arts.  I am also the Pastor of the Temple of God and the owner/proprietor of Bukang Liwayway International Shippers and Travel as well as the Sikaran Arnis Academy in Delano, CA.  I came to the United States in 1997 and received my citizenship in September 15, 2009.

My Goals

Short Term:

To increase enrollment in my two American Schools.

Long Term:
To get Sikaran recognized as an Olympic style as well as recognized as the National Martial Art of the Philippines.

1122 High Street, Delano, CA | 661-720-9175

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